How to prevent armed robbers from breaking into your home...

… without risking your personal safety.

You are probably wondering if the above title is for real,

Trust me, it is.

Give me a minute to break it down for you.

Quick question.......

Have you ever been robbed in your home?

I had the experience and trust me; I don’t wish this on my enemy.

No matter how mentally strong you think you are, the experience of being face to face with robbers in your home is not only scary, it can be devastating also.

Your mind runs through a thousand and one different things at the same time….

Think about this:

Your average robber is not stupid

They don’t want to get caught

They don’t want to get hurt

They are not out to prove a point

They just want to quietly steal what they can

And make a quick escape

Let me explain,

Have you heard of the 5 Home Security Keys?



1. Strong Warning and Notification to robbers:


Would be robbers need to be given advance and severe warning about what is in store for them if they try to rob your property. Now trust me, more than 70% will pay attention to your warning.


2. Alert the community if there is a breach:


The system needs to be able to alert the entire whole community if someone tries to break in. Intruders don’t like that, they want quite entry and exit.


3. Physically Stop intruders:


The system needs to be able to physically prevent intruders from entering your premises in the first place.


4. Deliver painful punishment to intruders:


Intruders need to be punished instantly and severely if they try to breach your security.


5. Ability to work round the clock on its own power supply:


Regular and reliable power supply is critical for security systems that need to provide continuous protection in the home or business.

Let me tell you a little about myself,

You may be thinking “Who is this guy? What makes him think he can tell me about how to secure my home”.

Let’s just say I have been in the electronic security systems game for about 20 years.

I have been blessed to have worked in different continents including, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Despite my vast experience in the industry I was not prepared for what I experienced 6 years ago here in Nigeria.

I woke up suddenly at around 4am in the morning to a blinding flash light shining on my face;

the light was coming from one of the windows in my bedroom. I don’t know how to describe how I felt but it was a mixture of confusion, panic and fear. Before I could get myself together a heard a loud bang from the other side of the house, then I knew we were in trouble.


My wife and I quickly tried to run from our bedroom to the other end of the house, but we ran back when we saw signs that intruders have already been there.


Panic,  Fear, Confusion, Mayhem !!!!!!


We tried to call for help but I couldn’t find my glasses, my wife left her phone by the bedside. It was a mess.

Then to cap it all, we heard a loud deafening noise; it was a gun shot fired into the room.


Before we could get over the shock of that, another shot was fired.


Fast forward ……..


Five robbers entered our room that morning after cutting the thick iron burglary on the window.

Let’s cut the long story,

Those bastards walked away with all sorts of valuable items and made sure they gave me a good beating for making noise and shouting for help while they were trying to break in.

You see, I know what it feels like to be burgled, it felt horrible,

We felt helpless and violated.

After the initial shock, I promised myself that this will never happen to me again. My thoughts were

“I am a security professional, my skills and abilities didn’t help me during this ordeal.  What kind of security guy are you sef?”.

I had to come up with a solution

that will work for me and my family.

After that kind of experience, was difficult to sleep well especially at night. My wife had it bad; she couldn’t sleep at night for months. It was painful to see her tense up every night; she gets up at every sound outside in the garden.

Then the arrival of

It took another 6months after that unfortunate incident before we finally created our own perimeter electric fencing solution called FenceBusters.

FenceBusters is an end to end perimeter electric fencing solution for homes and businesses. This is not your average electric fence, FenceBusters is fortified with the 5 key ingredients that an effective perimeter security solution must have.





The entire neighborhood will be woken up with a loud alarm with flashing lights if someone tries to cut your fence wire or tries to break into your property.


With the remote controller, no more rushing down the stairs or going out into the rain to turn your fence on or off.



Anyone that touches the electrified fence wire while trying to break into your home will receive a serious but non lethal electric shock.


You don’t need to worry about forgetting to switch your fence on or off, the automatic timer handles that for you.


Protect every inch of your entire perimeter with 6 or 8 lines of electrified aluminum fence wire running around your property.


You will easily know if your FenceBuster is active or not with the constantly blinking small red flashing indicator light on the fence.


Your FenceBusters will be working 24hours a day using solar power, making sure that you are still secured even when there is power outage.


Choose from a range matching colors for your poles and bobbins to beautify and make your property stand out aesthetically.


Take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER today, it is only available to the first 20 customers to contact us.

Here are some of our clients:


Green Lotto 

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CrimeBusters is our preferred security systems solutions provider in Nigeria, They installed and still manage all our electronics security systems (CCTV, Electric fence and Access control) across three of our businesses including Green lotto,  Afrione and Nownow.  

Mr. Sandeep Snatu - Contec Global Limited

Creation Consult Group

Whenever we engage in a project; schedule, scope, time and cost are of paramount importance. These vital constraints were observed and adhered to when we engaged Crimebusters to work with us on our turnkey project South south Nigeria.
Their attention to details and pocket friendly solutions gives us the confidence to recommend their numerous services anytime.


Solo Ingredients

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CrimeBusters have been managing our CCTV since 2014. They have a very professional and experienced team. We are always happy to recommend their services to anyone.  

Sam King – Solo Ingredients Nig. Limited

High Gardens Restaurants and Bar

Our experience with CrimeBusters is quite impressive, their engineers are friendly and very professional. They installed our CCTV cameras with remote access and we don't have any regrets.  

Wale Ewedemi - HighGarden Restaurants and Bar. Lekki.

Rockgarden Homes

CrimeBusters recently completed a phase 2 upgrade of the extensive CCTV System within our Nursing Home Facility for senior citizens in Lagos, Nigeria. They were very thorough and professional, right from the initial consultations to the post-installation support stage. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who desires a trustworthy and efficient organisation with corporate integrity. 

Mr Azeez Demu - Admin Manager, Rockgarden Homes.

The costing breakdown below is based on a plot of land measuring 18 meter x 36 meter (60 feet x 120 feet). Please notify your contact within CrimeBusters if your perimeter size is different.

24 hours Power Supply Solar Kit
Choice of colors for poles and bobbins  
Standard black poles and bobbins  
One year priority support
Alarm siren  with strobe lights
Alarm siren  
System auto on and off timing switch.
6 line wires  
6 line wires  
Choice of colors for poles and bobbins
High strength energizer
High strength energizer
Single Fence indicator light
Alarm siren with strobe lights
Single Fence indicator light
One year warranty
8 line wires
One year warranty
High strength energizer
Remote controller
One year warranty




2 Solar Security Lights

1  Solar Security Light


N349,000 (approx. N2,590 per meter)

N269,000 (approx. N2,000 per meter)

N239,000 (approx. N1,790 per meter)


We understand the need to put our customer’s minds at rest and to show our confidence in our products and services. That is why we have an iron clad warranty that ensures that all products that we supply to you will be repaired or replaced if found to be faulty within 12 months of your purchase, FREE of any charges.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How long will it take you to install the entire fence?

A standard fence installation takes about 3 days for a plot of land, larger plots will take longer

2. Can the shock from the electric fence kill?

No the shock from the electric fence cannot kill but it can knock out a grown man flat on the floor.

3. Can the fence kill reptiles like snakes?

Yes, it will kill snakes that try to climb over it.

4. How much does your electric fence cost per meter?

We have three packages to choose from please see our price list.

5. How many lines wires will run through the electric fence poles?

We install either 6 or 8 lines of aluminum wires depending on your choice of FenceBuster package.

6. What is the spacing of each of poles that will carry the electric fence wires?

The recommended spacing between poles is 3meters; this distance may vary slightly depending on the design of fence.

7. What's the capacity of the energizer?

We use Voltron energizer for most of our residential installations. This energizer produces enough energy to power 8 miles of aluminum wire.

8. Does it have remote control

Yes our energizer comes with two remote controllers.

9. Does it come with its own battery?

The energizer comes with its own 7Ah back up battery (able to keep the power on the fence going for a few hours).

10. Can it be powered with a small generator?

Yes, you can power the electric fence with a small generator.

11. Does it come with a solar system?

Yes we have a package that includes a solar power kit.

12. What is the capacity of the panel for the Solar power supply?

We supply 40watts solar panel with the solar back up power supply..

13. What's is the capacity of the battery the inverter will work with

The solar power system comes with a 12volt, 40ah battery.

14. How long have your company been installing electric fencing?

CrimeBusters have been in business in Nigeria since February 2012, delivering various security systems installations across Nigeria.

15. Can we talk to some of your clients to attest to the quality of your work?

Of course, we are happy to put you in touch with some of our clients who we believe will be honest about their experience with our organization.

16. What warranties do you offer? 

Our one year manufactures warranty covers the equipment that we supply and also the quality of our installation. This gives you the peace of mind that your investment in your electric fence is secure.

17. What does your annual maintenance cover?

All electronic security systems need to be maintained and serviced regularly for optimal performance. Regular preventative maintenance reduces the frequency of your systems breaking down or malfunctioning.